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FitFlop is a swept the world's ultra-popular folder foot drag, flip flops, in less than three years to get the support of many Hollywood artists, and to "put the gym on the feet" design selling points in Europe and the United States, Japan and Australia And so on to cause dazzling wind topic.
FitFlop, in less than three years to get the support of many Hollywood artists, and to "wear the gym on the feet," the design selling point in Europe and the United States, Japan and Australia and other places to create Dazzle topic.
FitFlop founder Marcia Kilgore last month to a new short stay, interviewed anatomy of the appeal of FitFlop, as well as her comfortable interpretation of fashion vs. From the British fashion foot drag FitFlop, also known as "action body sculpting shoes", its patented by the professional medical scholars and footwear industry designers to develop and produce, so that you walk at the same time movement. 2007 launch, FitFlop main object is to speculation of consumers, but many Hollywood artists put on FitFlop exposure, FitFlop has been upgraded to the most fashionable and both health effects of the foot folder drag.

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